School under parental management is an associative structure which performs thanks to the voluntary participation of parents. With the educational team, they ensure the administrative management of the school and contribute to the educational projects to propose activities.

This daily implication enriches the school: in addition to its bilingual teaching and the differentiated instruction, the participation of the parents in the implementation of the children’s projects and in daily life within the school creates relationships and memories which are strong and of high value between children, parents and educational teams.

Parental management is structured via two associations:
– AGA: Association for the administrative management of EIMLV
– APEBE: Association for Parents of bilingual students at EIMLV


AGA, Association for the administration management of EIMLV, is an administrative and legal body in charge of the management of the school.

Each parent, by enrolling a student in the school, is automatically a member of the AGA. EIMLV’s Director and Deputy Director are also members of the association.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is elected by all members present during the annual general meeting.

Its mission is to:

Vote decisions concerning the management, operation and budget of the school

Elect the members of the Executive committee at the beginning of each school year

The Executive committee

The Executive committee is includes a minimum of 6 administrators.


Its mission is to:
Implement decisions voted by the Board of Management and manage the day-to-day activities of the school
Oversee the different EIMLV committees.


Their mission is to work together on all projects that allow the school to operate and to its action.

The Committees are at the very heart of the parental management: committees are organized according to identified needs.


Each parent and staff member can be part of one or several committees, depending on their interests, aspirations and/or personal talent.


Promote and enhance the use of the English language within the school by accompanying the English-speaking educational team.


Promote the school, contact with local newspapers, update flyers and the website ( and strengthen internal communication between parents and the educational team.


Ensure maintenance of facilities and gardens, manage IT equipment and internet, deploy IT trainings.


In charge of protecting the school IT system and network, as well as the compliance with rgdp rules.


APEBE is collective management association, with no executive committee. It is governed by the 1901 French law on non-lucrative associations and is an integral part of EIMLV. This association is in charge of organizing school events (Halloween, end of year celebration, annual fair…), organization of workshops and/or animations as well as class trips, with educational, entertainment and cultural content. All such activities are validated by the educational team.

The Association is also responsible for the search for funds necessary for the financing of these activities, during various events.

Some events organized by APEBE

Back-to-school picnic

Halloween party

Christmas party

Spring celebration

End-of-year annual fair

Some school trips funded by APEBE

(visit + transportation)

The Pays de Meaux Great War Museum in Meaux

Sea-Life Aquarium in Val d’Europe

Natural History Museum in Paris

Samara archaeological site in the North of France

Educational Farm of Saint Hilliers, France

Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget

Other specific actions

Class workshops, snack/tea parties

Sale of flowers, chocolates at Easter

Organization of French or English shows (music, stories, theatre….)

Organisation of the association:

The organization of the association as a collective body is an intentional decision not to have a president or hierarchy but a collegial body that makes all decisions. As such, active members are divided into different sections (administration, budget, events) to organize the functioning of the group as efficiently as possible.