While language learning is an enormously rewarding and enriching experience for all ages, it is children who have the most to gain from this wonderful adventure.
Children understand intuitively that language is something to explore, to play around with and to enjoy.

Michelle Brits

Head of the English Department

Michelle Brits

Michelle Brits

Head of the English Department

A note from Michelle :

Childhood is the ideal time to learn a second language – starting early offers the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities.

EIMLV’s English Department understand this opportunity, and bring their mutual love of art, music, theatre and dance to the classroom to make the learning experience as interactive and fun as possible.

English is taught in small groups and adapted according to the needs and abilities of each group. Music, Art, History of Art and Sport are all taught in English.

Children are also given the opportunity to enrol in after school workshops offered by the English department, giving your children yet another chance to learn English through play and interaction.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Our English department is comprised of Anglophone teachers of different nationalities, from the UK all the way to South Africa.

Both the English Department head and our English teacher hold a university degree and are TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualified, with professional experience in France and abroad. This promotes a truly bilingual environment for pupils to learn by way of immersion with a true Anglophone.

Children who are not yet able to speak English are welcome to EIMLV.

Our approach to EAL learning (English as an Additional Language) is to address the needs of our English learners or those who have never studied English through small class instruction. We adapt the level of English to ease integration into the language while respecting the individual work rhythms and personality of each child.

At EIMLV we believe that some of the best learning can take place outside the classroom, so every night after class, children have the opportunity to participate in playful workshops supervised by English-speaking teachers.

so part of our programme includes linguistic and educational trips with the presence of an Anglophone teacher.

Every year, we have three fun-filled English days: English Day, Music Day and Sports Day. They are run by the English department and include workshops and sports activities based on a different theme each year.


During school time

English class :
– Sport (3H/week),
– Art and art history (1H/week),
– Music (1H/week)

English Enrichment :
Learning in small groups
– 45 minutes / week for cycle 2,
– 1H30/ week for cycle 3


Outside school time

workshop in English
Arts & Craft, Danse, Science….

English library

Extra help available in English to help them prepare for the YLE Cambridge exams

Linguistic school trips

A week-long trip to English-speaking countries for the CM1/CM2
All school trips and visits always include an Anglophone teacher

The non-Anglophone English Program

The core of the non-Anglophone English program is the Cambridge Kid’s Box In accordance with the program of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), from CP to CM2.

See the program

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The Anglophone English Program

The core of the Anglophone English program is the Collins Education «Primary Literacy». All children have their own «Pupil’s Book».

See the program

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EIMLV offers a 45-minute weekly workshop for children who wish to prepare their YLE (Cambridge Young Learners) exam and need further assistance.