All children follow the official program of the National Education

However, for the child’s well-being in learning, the EIMLV uses the differenciated pedagogy to teach.

The differenciated pedagogy is not indivualized teaching, does not handle any different part of the education program, and does not work on different competencies. It strives to help everyone to reach the same goal, while trying to work with different teaching methods.

Everyone Different

All children being different thru their personal interests, their learning rhythms, their competencies and their way of learning, the EIMLV teaching team implements methods, tools and process in order for everyone to learn their most fitted way.


Our education team includes nine teachers from different culture and countries that help us to enrich the project. They contribute to the open-mind spirit largely shared among the parents.

They all are graduated from the higher education system, with a professional background in and outside of school, in France and internationally.

They are assisted by a team of supervisors who help them in their teaching the children and in managing the activities after school hours.

differenciated pedagogy

The reading of the instructions may vary. They might, upon the case, be read by the child alone, read by the teacher or read by the teacher and rephrased afterward.

Exercises may be different, they may be more and more complex for the fastest or the most advanced, more simple and less intense for the slowest.

Teaching materials may also be adapted: for example, they might be practical with token or abacus for the math course, to gradually reach, upon the rhythm of each one, the integration of the notions by using less and less practical tools.

Active pedagogy

Visual learning is also developed as well as hearing : the teacher writes the word or the sentence on the board while spelling or reading it in order for each pupil to be able to more easily memorize them upon his/her own way of learning.

Paper material may also vary: line spacing more or less wide, pencil and eraser or pen, upon his/her confidence he/she has in him/herself.

The children might be split between smaller groups if needed, while the reason of it is explained to them. The objective is not to create groups sorted by levels of competencies but is to gather the children upon a common competency to develop. Thus, each group can progress.

Groups are not fixed and may change upon the competencies to acquire.

To know more about the differenciated pedagogy for your child?

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